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From Generation To Generation: Bride Wearing 120 Years Old Wedding Dress Which Has Been Worn By 10 Women In Her Family

Abigail Kingston never dreamed of princess wedding dress or dress from top designer. She knew that the day of her wedding will wear the wedding dress of her mother, previously worn by 10 women from her family, and was created in 1895. However, in front of the future bride from Pennsylvania was a huge challenge. When I took off the dress of the box where it was stored, he was in very poor condition. “I thought it was impossible to fix, I will not manage to to wear it” – she said.

It took 200 hours for her wedding designer wedding to correct, but Abigail was happy that finally she can wear the dress. The first bride wore her wedding dress was the great-grandmother of Kingston. It was carefully stored by the mother of each successive bride.Abigail will be the eleventh bride that will wear a dress which is 120 years old. It will complement her look with a necklace and a ring belonging to her grandmother. Take a look below and see this stunning old wedding dress. Enjoy! 

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