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Bridal Blogathon: Specialist Hair & Skincare Tips For Destination Weddings

Hello people, Claire right here!

So, as Autumn feels like it is officially descended this week (it feels like just yesterday I was walking down the beach in Barbados) I’ve been finding myself dreaming of balmier climes.

As you may possibly remember, a couple of months back, I took part in the Bridal Blogathon. A quite great trip to the Caribbean with Elite Island Resorts and Kuoni, testing out honeymoons and checking out what location weddings in Barbados and Antigua have to supply (yep, it was a quite sweet gig!).


The Club Barbados Resort

If you’re contemplating a honeymoon or wedding in the Caribbean, you need to most absolutely verify out my resort reviews here and here!

But while I was standing on a breezy beach, with the sun on my face, and humidity carrying out it’s job on my hair, I did get to thinking…

How can brides and grooms prepare in advance, and on the day, to guarantee they nevertheless appear their glowing beautiful selves for their wedding (rather than the patchy-skinned/frizzy-haired particular person I often turn into on holidays!).

So, as often, if we do not have the answers, we seek the advice of the pros… Location wedding hair and skincare gurus in truth!

The Hair: Ten Suggestions for a Gorgeous Destination ‘Do


Photo by Lindsay Collette via Bridal Musings

We all know hot climate can wreak havoc on our hair, from dulling our dye jobs to turning wavy tresses into full-on frizz, and when it comes to a location wedding, it’s much more important than ever for your holiday hair to play ball.

So, we spoke to amazing Anna Baker, Senior Stylist at Errol Douglas Salon, in Knightsbridge (and am-ay-zing place to get your hair carried out in London FYI!) about how to prep, defend and style your hair for honeymoons and destination weddings.

1. Fight Frizz Before You Fly


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Book in salon for a ‘conditioning’ reduce & blow dry the week prior to you fly.  This will focus on tidying up dry  and wispy ends in your style that can grow to be a frizz magnet. 

Invest in excellent high quality products that hydrate hair to fight frizz, the Kerastase Oleo Unwind variety has a fantastic assortment for fine to thick hair textures.

I’d advise the incredible smoothing Nano Keratin Treatment offered at the Errol Douglas Salon. 

Book a single week prior to flying, Keratin Complex Blow Dry operates by infusing your hair with keratin, smoothing out unwanted frizz and coarseness leaving hair silky and simple to both blow dry with a brush or air dry naturally in the sunshine.

2. Goods To Pack


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Most salon product ranges stock travel size minis best for taking away. Moisture-based shampoos and conditioners are an essential to combat the heat. 

Add a foundation styling product like a smoothing balm, Kerastase Nectar Thermique is amazing for hydration and tends to make hair quick and straightforward to blow dry. 

A mini hairspray like the travel size Moroccan Oil Medium Hold Hairspray will  help you to develop diverse hair styles that will last all day.

3. Pump Up The Volume


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Fine limp hair can usually struggle in hot climates, particularly as hot scalps can diffuse even the slightest fullness. 

Go for a volumising mousse like Kerasatase Mousse Bouffant, this sturdy hold product is far more dependable to stand up against heat and retain fullness in your style.

4. Tame Afro Tresses


Photo by Craig Bruce, Brilliant Studios via Bridal Musings

Leave-in moisturising merchandise are superb for straightforward control of afro hair, like Affirm Leave In Conditioner. It’s helps to retain hairs suppleness and flex for styling with.

Stunning plaits and braids can appear stunning and can fuss free to appear right after so you can devote more time poolside.

5. Trends for the Tropics


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Exactly where your wedding destination will be, holds key influence more than the range of style trends about. 

Soft beachy waves with flower accessories can suit beach weddings so well, while city location brides can take pleasure in high polished glamour with sophisticated hair ups with clean finishes. 

I always tend to appear to bridal catwalks, all fashion week shows and red carpet events to inspire me on future trends that can be adapted and personalised to my person bride’s look.

6. Hot Climate Hairstyling


Pictures by  Birds of a Feather via Green Wedding Shoes

If you commit to good hair care routine and prep your hair texture with nourishing goods, most hairstyles will operate well in hot weather. 

Quick to medium length locks can be worn down with texturizing finishers such as Kerastase Couture Styling Quick Mania, a light paste that brings out movement within your hairs shape effortlessly.

7. What To Avoid


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In hot climate, perform to your hairs all-natural texture to its best. 

Unruly curls may initially look great blow dried straight but if your skin hots up even the smallest beads of sweat will coax out these curls once again and make your appear messy. 

For assured long lasting looks in the heat, aim for updos to preserve hair cool and elegant.

7 For Blooming Brides


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Fresh flowers can look spectacular for sunshine brides. 

Speak to your florist to pop added flower buds in with your selected wedding bouquet delivery, your hairdresser can then gently push pins into the flower bases and fix in spot with ease. 

Often add in flowers as soon as all hair items have completed getting applied, this ensures sprays and so forth. won’t wilt on discolour your flower accessories.

9. Your Do & Your Dress


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My top tip to location brides is to work in partnership with your hairdresser and be realistic in what compliments your gown with your hairstyle, they ought to function collectively not outdo each and every other. 

For instance, need to you select this new season’s sophisticated silk, open backed gowns loose tumbling waves could pair beautifully and not be too hot.  Structured heavier detailed gowns may possibly retain your body heat so ultra-cool chic updos will be a lot much more comfy.

10. Poolside Protection


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Sun, sea and poolside entertaining can dehydrate your hair and significantly fade your colour. 

Pack protective hair care just like sunscreen for your skin.  The Kerastase Soleil Variety is the very best on the market place with lightweight conditioning from Lait Richesse that can be applied to washed hair and left to dry naturally, or the water resistant Aqua Seal spritz is excellent if you wish to sleek back you hair into polished ponytail or bun for beach bride beauty. 

Schedule an appointment following your vacation to refresh your colour and return its accurate tone and shine.

The Skin: Ten Guidelines for Beautiful (Blotch-Totally free!) Large Day Complexions


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Skin can add serious stress to your pre-wedding prep, even at the best of times. Add in long flights, pre-wedding worrying, heat, sun, and lots of lotions, and you have your self a recipe for break-outs, sun-burn, dry skin, and extreme shininess!

We’ve consulted the group at Ultrasun (whose skincare I employed in Barbados and Antiqua, and was so impressed with, especially the Glimmer SPF, which truly makes your skin glow!) to give us some of their tips for avoiding common skin mishaps for your location wedding.

1. Pre-Flight Preparation


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Keeping the skin exfoliated and regularly hydrated is a excellent way to invest in the general condition of the skin prior to travel. For extra preparation, the Ultrasun Pre-Sun Tan Optimiser has a excellent following for its moisturising and tan-optimising results.

In essence, it’s skin care for a more quickly, much more intense lasting tan and a stunning hydrated skin. I recommend applying it everyday two weeks prior to travel for perfectly prepped skin. 

2. Double Up With a Protective Primer


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A good primer with sun protection will undoubtedly support make-up keep in location for longer, again check for UVA and UVB protection (that means not just an SPF).

Pick a item that absorbs speedily, protects and leaves a actually good surface on which to apply make up.

Ultrasun Face 30 and Face 50+ both have a cult following as an under-make up primer year round.

We’ve had numerous say that Ultrasun is for those that do not like sun cream, since it doesn’t sit on the skin and eliminates usual bug bears about a chalky or greasy finish. It’s been particularly common with location brides needing to each safeguard and apply their massive day look over it.

3. Avoid Receiving Sun-Cream on your Wedding Outfits

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It’s all in the formula: To perform, a sun cream needs to be applied appropriately and it needs to stay put. Ultrasun’s patented liposome technology gives photostabliity – it stays on and stays operating, even following repeated water exposure – yes for once all day truly indicates all day!

Regardless of brand selected, any application in direct sunlight (IE when you are currently on the sun lounger) increases evaporation just before it’s had a opportunity to bond with the skin, reducing its power to protect.

As a rule of thumb, use a teaspoon of sunscreen for every arm, leg, front, back and face (such as neck and ears).

4. Calm Pre-Wedding Sunburn, Stat

Mexico-Wedding-Closer-To-Adore-Photography-by means of-Bridal-Musings-22

Photo by Closer To Really like Photography via Bridal Musings

Keep out of the sun to help the skin’s recovery and choose calming products. Drink a lot of water to remain hydrated, a key component of the skin’s recovery tool kit.

Ultrasun particularly address post-sun exposure and this year launched a very first in facial skin repair too: Ultrasun Overnight Summer time Skin Recovery Mask offers facial skin the extra hydration it requirements soon after enhanced sun exposure. It’s a targeted deep remedy overnight.

5. In-flight Beauty Regime


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Hydrate the skin regularly in flight, especially from the inside out with water.

Our customers inform us that their secret weapon is the Ultralip – they use it on the lips (of course!) AND because of its sensitive formula, around the eye area as well.

It’s turned into an in-flight handbag essential! 

6. Banish the Break-Outs


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Keep in mind it may be a holiday for you, but it is your skin’s most traumatic time!

We’re back to formula – look for one that’s light and has really hardworking confirmed absorption qualities. Try to avoid fragrance, preservatives and oils as these can upset sensitive skins specially when you are exposing to UV rays and your skin has adequate to cope with.

At Ultrasun our we use patented lipsome technology, across the whole range and we’re the only brand to use this in sun protection merchandise. 

The item binds with the skin permitting the skin to breathe. This means that the clogging that can cause break-outs is avoided from the get go.

7. Grooms, Don’t Neglect Your Heads!


Photo by Trouvé via Bridal Musings

For the groom and his celebration, the no-nonsense Ultrasun Sports Gel SPF 30 transparent gel, is a excellent selection, delivering really higher, all day protection with just one particular application.

The non-greasy, clear liquid is really simple to apply and it is gentle adequate to use on the scalp (best for thinning or receding hair)

8. Add Some Sparkle


Photo by Mikkel Paige Photography via Bridal Musings

A particular mention for the award-winning Ultrasun Glimmer SPF20 which is particularly suitable for the bridal party.

Multitasking tiny golden glimmers (shimmer mica) help to raise sun protection by deflecting the sun’s rays as properly as adding a sophisticated subtle glow to the skin, ideal for defending and highlighting when wearing strapless dresses.

9. Begin High


Prepping for the #BridalBlogathon!

No one wants to think more than they have to on honeymoon right after the excitement and also hectic schedule top up to and on the wedding day, BUT a few moments to do just this prevents a potentially distracting burn.

The greatest error, caught up in the moment, is not beginning with a high adequate protection element (UVB rays – SPF measured) and not checking that the product you’ve selected has a high UVA filter (ageing and cell altering rays). Check each meticulously.

We recommend starting with a greater aspect and maybe lowering the factor the second week of a two week honeymoon, specially if you’re off to an exotic location that your skin is not utilized to.

8. Don’t Be Reckless

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Galley Bay Resort & Spa, Antigua

High protection isn’t a licence to bake: Using higher sun protection factors can encourage holidaymakers to increase their time in the sun, ironically risking over exposure and hence burning anyway.

The level of protection utilized need to focus on skin type and time suggested in the sun with it.

You’ll still get a tan with a high protection sun cream – it’ll be slower with less risk and guess what? – it’ll last longer!

Honeymoon in Barbados | Elite Island Resorts | Kuoni | Bridal Blogathon | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 9

The Club Barbados Resort

So several great suggestions. It is excellent to get item recommendations that actually function, specially for location weddings (you really need to have to be ready for almost everything!)

Thanks so much to Anna at Errol Douglas Salon and the group at Ultrasun for sharing their wisdom with us.

So if our professional guidance has inspired you to strategy your personal tropical elopement or location wedding, verify out the previous Bridal Blogathon posts for a lot more tips and tips.

I took component in the Bridal Blogathon with some other fabulous wedding bloggers, study much more about the idea behind it right here, comply with all our musings on Twitter and verify out how the other folks got on too, by following Kelly at Boho Weddings, Claire at Bloved, and Sonia at Want The Wedding for far more on their Caribbean adventures.

Require post-wedding getaway ideas? Check out our Honeymoon A-Z. 

Disclaimer – I was invited to take portion in the Bridal Blogathon by Elite Island Resorts & Kuoni but, as always, all opinions are my personal and Elizabeth and I will only ever share goods and solutions on Bridal Musings that we really like and that we feel our readers will locate helpful and/or inspiring also.