Our Quirks Are What Make Us Gorgeous (And Yes, We All Have Them)

I’ve mentioned it a million instances, “I’m quirky,” as if it have been some thing damaging or unusual. But what I’ve come to recognize in the last few years is that absolutely everyone has quirks, we’re literally ALL quirky. Now some quirks may be a little far more unusual than other people, but it is these elements of our character that make us stunning and exciting.

Webster’s dictionary defines a “quirk” as a trait that is distinct from standard, and that’s what really tends to make them so wonderful. If all of our traits have been standard, how boring would that be? I think it’s time for us to cease being embarrassed of our quirks and to realize that they may possibly be just the issues that attract other individuals to us.

The Quirk That Changed My Life

Just in case my little opening speech didn’t convince you to love your quirks, how about a true-life instance? I’d say 1 of my many quirks is the fact that I’m extremely clumsy. I do not imply to be, but in spite of my greatest efforts, I’m usually dropping anything, tripping over some thing or spilling my drink. I utilized to let that be a continual source of embarrassment for me, until I realized how endearing it was to somebody else. That somebody is now my husband.

I had just finished apologizing for the millionth time after spilling my drink on the carpet in his apartment, and he looked at me and said, “stop apologizing, I enjoy that you are clumsy, it’s 1 of my favored factors about you.” This just about knocked me more than. I had often assumed that my clumsiness was possibly the one issue he’d modify about me, when it was really a single of the factors he loved the most.

All that to say, we have no thought how other people are viewing our quirks, so it’s higher time we embrace them ourselves.

Confronting the Lie: “My Quirks Aren’t Beautiful”

Okay, so you read my little story above, and you’re thinking… “but my quirks aren’t endearing like that…I like to fold all of my underwear in a certain way and no 1 is going to consider that’s cute.” I disagree. Your quirks are a element of who you are and a element of what tends to make you gorgeous and distinctive, it sounds like you are not suffering from a quirk problem, but from a self-really like problem.

Very first, you need to embrace and adore oneself, and then you will see how your quirks match into the lovely framework of who you are. Still see your quirks as imperfections? Embrace them! We’ve all got imperfections, you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to be excellent in every way.

Adhere to Men and women Who Are Doing It Proper

A fantastic way to embrace your own quirks is to comply with individuals who are embracing theirs! recently posted an post known as “4 Physique Good Accounts We Love” featuring 4 Instagram accounts with people who are actually embracing their quirks. Following positive individuals who truly embrace what tends to make them diverse can genuinely help you see the beauty in your own variations.

You also need to surround your self with folks who embrace your quirks, simply because those are buddies worth having. If you have a friend who’s constantly tearing you down simply because of the factors that make you uniquely you, it may possibly be time to cut ties with that individual. Correct close friends will see the beauty in your quirks and you will feel far more stunning getting around them.

In the end, bear in mind this…we ALL have quirks, there’s not one individual in the globe that does not. So let’s embrace them in ourselves and other people.