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Reinventing Traditions: Four Essential Vintage Things To Jazz Up Your Modern Day Residence

huge-oversized-chandelier-decorating-ideasPhoto: Wheeler Kearns Architects

Fantastic design and style is timeless. This signifies that even if you’re dead-set on making a property filled with the most current higher-tech gadgets, you can nevertheless decorate it with vintage pieces. And this doesn’t mean acquiring antiques. Here are 4 vintage products (and their contemporary reproductions) that are fantastic for dressing up your property without having searching dated!

Hand-blown Glass Chandeliers


The mere mention of the word chandelier evokes visions of a ball in the grand hall of a palace, with royalty and noble families waltzing to music. This perception is not entirely incorrect, as the art of generating glass manually reached its peak in the course of the medieval ages and then Renaissance. Therefore, people can be forgiven if they think that a hand-blown glass chandelier isn’t suitable for their contemporary property.

Nonetheless, this is not the case. Given that each and every of these intricate lighting fixtures are created to order, clients can have a much more contemporary piece made to suit their home’s minimalist or modern aesthetic. In truth, there are many hand-blown glass chandeliers presently that have streamlined styles. Clients can also order these pieces in the colors of their liking.

A Kodekama Plant

kokedama-plants-how-to-ideas Photo: Gergely Hideg

Indoor plants have often discovered a space in most residences. Nonetheless, simply sticking a generic shrub or fern in the corner of your house will not reduce it. So why not attempt a exclusive take on the bonsai tree—a kodekama?

Literally meaning “moss ball” in Japanese, a kodekama is merely a variety of bonsai tree or plant that grows from a ball of soil and moss—instead of a pot. As such, a lot of of these plant balls are hung from a string to produce hanging gardens. It can be also utilised as a coffee table centerpiece, with the kodekama placed on a plate rather of a pot. Certainly makes a wonderful conversation starter, doesn’t it?

The Grand Comfort Armchair

grand-comfort-chair-modern-steel-frame-decorating-black-leatherPhoto: Guggenheim Bilbao

Designed by 3 legends of design—Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, and Charlotte Perriand—this was a modern day take on the conventional club chair. And by contemporary, we mean the early 20th century art movement the chair itself was designed in 1928.

black-leather-comfort-chair-sofa-steel-frame-decorating-modern-ideas Photo: Thirdstone Inc.

With its cube shape, steel frame, and leather or fabric upholstery, this classic piece of furnishings (or its a lot of imitations) is still discovered in numerous contemporary living rooms. In reality, this chair was on the stage when Steve Jobs was presenting the initial iPad back in 2010.

A Vintage Mirror

gold-vintage-mirror-bathroom-decorating-ideasPhoto: Sara Tuttle Interiors

Whilst clean lines might define the contemporary aesthetic, having also a lot of them can be boring at times. To break the monotony of this design and style, hang up a massive, vintage mirror in your living space. Not only will the mirror aid produce the illusion of added space. Its ornate frame can be also a refreshing break from the abundance of straight lines. To top it off, these are not expensive—you can simply locate these pieces for a couple of bucks at a garage sale or flea market place just repaint the frame to make it look much less worn.

These 4 items are just some of the factors you can add to spruce up your home. Do you have any other things to add to this list?

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