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Our Five Favourite Flooring Trends That Are Blowing Up On The Style Scene

We love locating out about new decorating trends and these flooring suggestions just seemed to catch our eye. Take a appear at some flooring trends that are actually blowing up on the design scene!

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One of the most drastic measures you can take to re-decorate your space for 2017 is by updating your flooring. After all, flooring is an investment into your house and should not be believed lightly about. Most of the trends that are actually blowing up on the design and style scene look like they’ll be here for a whilst. So why not try them out and give your residence a fresh and modern new look!

Gold Grout

This is one flooring trend that I am entirely in Love with right now! Gold grout is not only extremely sophisticated, but also some thing completely distinct than we’re utilized to. Gold grout provides that pop of colour and glam that will instantly transform your bathroom, kitchen, or hallway! There are a lot of shop-purchased mixes you can acquire that contain glitter to give you that extra sparkly grout appear!

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If you are not certain about applying gold grout, you can often opt for gold inlay tile that looks ever more lovely. This would require you to re-do your tiles to install the inlay. It is also considerably a lot more expensive than just applying gold grout to your tiles, but the finished look is definitely stunning.

Engineered Oak Wood Flooring

engineered wood flooring

Engineered European oak flooring is becoming more common then ever. Tough and versatile, engineered hardwood flooring gives you the beauty of wood flooring in your bathroom, kitchen, basement and much more! Engineered hardwood floors are constructed from several piles of wood with a solid wood top layer. Beneath the best layer, there are cross layers of plywood and hardwood backing. This makes them a genuinely well-known alternative for households with a lot of targeted traffic, or for humidity prone areas.

Carpet Flooring is Back

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For a space that needs some additional coziness and warmth, carpet is answer. Carpet warms up a space and provides it that intimate really feel you cannot get from tiles or hardwood. If your living area or bedroom decorating feels a small cold think about installing a neutral colored carpet. Opt for a low-pile carpet to steer clear of dust problems, specially for those that may possibly be allergic. If you have pets and youngsters, you might also want to locate a very good stain resistant carpet that tends to make it simple to wipe up spills and accidents.


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There is nothing a lot more comfortable than walking on soft and warm cork flooring. If you have ever popped a wine bottle, you would have noticed at how quickly the cork pops back into shape when it’s released from the bottle. Now, this most likely offers you a excellent thought of how springy and versatile cork really is. While walking on cork flooring, you will notice it has shock-absorbent properties, creating it super confortable when spending lengthy periods standing. It is a wonderful flooring choice to install in your kitchen, or health club. Don’t set up it in the bathroom though, considering that cork is susceptible to moisture damage.

Leather Flooring

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You have most likely never heard of this, but yes leather is becoming utilised as a flooring alternative these days. It’s not only beautiful it’s also versatile considering that leather is available in plank or tile form. There are many manufactures reusing leather belts and making flooring from them. So you can rest assured and really feel fantastic about employing it, given that leather flooring is 100% recycled.

Surprisingly, leather flooring is very hardwearing and tough. It is a great flooring alternative to put in your house office, library, or even bedroom!

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