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House Makeover Ideas With Fashionable Flooring Trends

Attempt these trendy new flooring tips that are stirring up the decorating planet for 2017!

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What’s a far better way to make a fashion-forward decorating statement than by updating your flooring? Flooring trends come and go, but this year we are seeing some gorgeous types and styles that are here to stay, at least for a even though. From tile to hardwood and even vinyl flooring, designers are loving the opportunity to get creative with these great new materials and colors. Take a look at some of the most fashionable flooring trends that really caught our eye:

Tiles that Look Like Genuine Hardwood

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It can be tough maintaining up with the all-hardwood flooring trends by installing hardwood throughout your kitchen and even bathroom! Tiles that look and even feel like actual hardwood are becoming a hit trend and gaining momentum really quickly. Tiles are constructed to final and one particular of the most tough flooring choices available. The truth that you can get a luxurious hardwood look to complement your current furnishings and have the durability as properly is like killing two birds with one particular stone!

Just before installing your tiles, constantly decide what pattern and orientation you would like the tiles to be in. Open a handful of boxes of tiles and temporarily lay them out in various patterns on the floor to see what appears very best!

Chevron Tile and Hardwood Trend

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If you don’t know what chevron is, it is the cute zigzag pattern that has been utilized on everything achievable the last few years from décor to style and household things. The chevron trend was everywhere the final handful of years from curtains to carpets and even wallpaper. This year, chevron has taken on another spin as designers are installing tiles and hardwood floors in a chevron pattern. It looks quite cool, but make certain you have a very good handyman that has the patience for a detailed pattern like this!

Suzy’s Tip: I Adore the chevron tile and wood plank trend! Set up these chevron tiles in your bathroom for a extremely chic and updated appear! Then, set up brass hardware for your shower head, faucets, and vanity handles for a quite sophisticated look that is Architectural Digest approved!

Inexpensive Vinyl Flooring

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When we mention vinyl, absolutely everyone thinks of the hideous outdated linoleum that really isn’t even vinyl. These two are frequently confused with every other and are in fact two very diverse items. In the last couple of years vinyl has genuinely taken off and turn out to be an reasonably priced, sturdy, and fashionable flooring trend. You can now purchase vinyl that appears like real wood comparable to the wood-like tile and laminate that is on the market these days. There are also tons of minimalist vinyl floor tile designs that look remarkable and are super sturdy even in high-traffic locations of your property.

Vinyl flooring is hard as well as quite very good-hunting. It is actually the easiest flooring material to install and also one of the least expensive flooring choices on the marketplace today. Vinyl is so thin and versatile but it is also tough adequate to final you for a lot of, a lot of years to come. If you are hesitant on installing this in your hallway, living area, or kitchen, you can usually attempt it out on some not so noticeable rooms like the mudroom, laundry area, and guest bathroom. Test it out and see how you like it ahead of installing vinyl in a big space that is utilized daily.

Wide Plank Wood Floors

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If you are hunting to make your property look bigger than it currently is, contemplate selecting flooring that has bigger planks. Lengthy gone are the days of thin strip hardwood flooring that utilised to appear costly and glamorous, wide plank flooring looks elegant and extremely trendy. One particular appear that I have grown to enjoy is really dark wide plank flooring and light colored walls. This is a classic appear that will appear incredible for at least 10 or more years till some thing else becomes trendy. If you are attempting to play it safe or renovating a property for sale, you definitely will not go wrong with this appear.

BDB Tip: Making use of bigger planks for your hardwood flooring adds depth and tends to make your space appear twice the size. It’s becoming a classic staple in the design world and will likely be a trendy flooring decision for the next handful of years to come.

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