Bollywood Style Sarees – A Trend That Has Revamped The Fashion

Trends frequently adjust and the style also keeps changing. But Bollywood sarees is 1 of the rages, which has always hit this business and even right after being an ethnic put on, it has never gone out of fashion. In truth, it can be mentioned that one of the biggest influences in the Indian style trend is the clothing largely worn by the actors and actresses on screen. The Bollywood style sarees is one particular such influence, which can revive interest in the vintage outfits, can spark new channels and also loved and remembered as the iconic dresses for several generations. In a single sentence, it can be said that the sarees have represented the Bollywood style a lot.

Earlier, there was a time, when most of the actresses employed to wear sarees. Even nowadays, when the western style has exploded everywhere, nonetheless wearing a saree is virtually like a craze in Bollywood and nothing can beat the attraction and grace of these sarees. As a result, a quantity of females prefer to wear the Bollywood style or Bollywood inspired sarees.

Trends in the Bollywood sarees:

In most of the cases, the Bollywood actresses wear sarees made of the supplies like chiffon, silk, georgette and crepe and every single of these components have some significance. These sarees mainly come with heavy embroidery works or with subtle operate of sequins. Besides, in some circumstances, heavy silk materials are also employed to develop sarees (worn by actresses like rekha, Vidya Balan) and this look is mainly inspired by the regional motion pictures. Silk sarees come with royal looks and the variations offered on these sarees are just beyond imagination. For instance: Yash Chopra movies created Chiffon sarees so well-known amongst the females of diverse age groups. Similarly, sarees like Kanchivaram has got each national and international acclamation as Bollywood has picked up this style.

Apart from that, there are some extravagant sarees, created specifically for the period motion pictures. Alternatively, the designers also contribute exclusively on these motion pictures. In both of these situations, these sarees get loads of publicity and become virtually iconic.

A lot of twist and turns are observed on the types although it comes to distinct kinds of sarees worn by the Bollywood actresses. Sequins, patchwork, crystal and embroidery performs paired with gorgeous designer blouses are the latest trends in the Bollywood style sarees.

Some crucial types of Bollywood style sarees:

Saree is 1 such attire that offers the wearers a range of styles to flaunt. Just the wearer needs to use her creativity and she is all set. Styling a saree can in no way go incorrect:

  • Sheer drapes: You can bring out a sensual look with net sarees and net pallus like as the Bollywood beauties like Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor. There are a number of sheer fabrics to pick from like chiffon, net, tissue and georgette and all of these fabrics can exude the equivalent femininity and charm.
  • Dhoti style drapes: Dhoti style drapes is a single of the common saree draping styles flaunted by the Bollywood divas. Here the primary essential is to wear the saree like a dhoti and to flaunt the bohemian attitude.
  • Neon and nude: If you are selective about the trendy colors, then you have to be conscious of it that neon and nude are two shades that dominate the fashion sector. Whilst nude sarees in sheer fabric can bring the fragile femininity out, the neon sarees in georgette fabric can bring out the sensual side of the wearer. So, the major important is to flaunt it like Priyanka Chopra.
  • Gown style sarees: Gown inspired sarees are yet another style that can assist the females to get decked up in their preferred sarees and can nevertheless appear chic and fashionable in the special occasions and parties just like the well-known Bollywood celebrities.
  • Simple sarees with designer blouses or cholis: Pairing your saree with a designer blouse or choli is possibly the best strategy to make the Bollywood saree appear hot and sizzling. On the basis of your character, the cholis or blouses can be of different sorts like strapless, backless, higher neck, noodle strap, corset blouse or bikini style.
  • Lahenga styled/prestitched sarees: This saree style keeps all the hassles of draping and preserving formal pleats away. So, nothing can make you look the very best in this outfit. All you have to do is to wear and tuck the saree and as a result accessorize it correctly to get the sizzling appear.

Accessorizing the Bollywood style sarees:

In case you are thinking of flaunting the Bollywood style sarees, then it is much better to accessorize those accordingly to look trendy. For example: In case you are wearing chiffon sarees, then these sarees need to be accessorized in a complete subtle and simple way. For instance, pearl earrings, stone studded pendants or statement silver necklaces are some of the jewelry pieces that match perfectly with light fabrics like chiffons. On the other hand, in case you are wearing some heavy, gorgeous silk saree, then you can keep the general look beautiful. Adding gold necklaces and earrings is a good approach to emphasize your appear with these sarees.